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Welcome to ABC Pest Control - Sydney Pest Control Services

At Pest Managment Sydney - Sydney Pest Control Services, we can help you to manage all your residential and commercial pest managment problems.  With many years pest managment experience; servicing Sydney and the surround suburbs of Sydney, ABC Pest Control - Pest Management Sydney are able to help you rid your home or commercial premsises of those unwanted pests.

ABC Pest Control - Sydney Pest Control Services offers a wide range of pest management, varying from treating ants, termite, rats, mices and bee infestations in commercial and residential premises.

All of our pest managment procedures are environmentally friendly as well as being safe for the your family, these practices have seen us build a solid reputation as one of the best pest control companies in Sydney for all of your pest management requirements.

Through using ABC Pest Control - Pest Management, you can be assured that all of our pest controlling and treatment services are using the latest technology and are highly effective.


Termite Sydney - Pest Management Sydney

Termites are also referred to as white ants although they are not ants at all. They are in fact a social relative of the cockroach, this is why it is important to have a pest management strategy in place to ensure that you home or office is taken over by termites.  ABC Pest Control - pest management Sydney, can not only help to eliminate these unwanted creatures, but we can put in pest management plan to reduce the risk of the termites coming back.

There are about 4000 species of termites and 10% of these are considered as pests, causing damage to buildings, crops and forests.


Ant Inspections Sydney

There are about 15,000 species of ants in the world and 1275 of these are found in Australia. The species that is considered a pest in Australia is the black ant.

Ants are attracted to food such as: sweets, meats, pet food, breads, fats and oils, but with ABC Pest Control - Ant Inspection Sydney, we can help with removing any ant infestation on your premises.


Rat Inspections Sydney

Rats can be a serious problem. They are not only increase the risk of fires, damage property but also pose a threat to our health with transmission of various diseases and parasites. Regular pest control from ABC Pest Control - Rat Inspections Sydney can assist you in eliminating these pests from your home and your life for good.



Mice Inspections Sydney

Mice are rodents that are considered harmful pests. Mice, just like rats, they are able to chew through wires, get into food areas and pose safety and health risks with spread of diseases.

Mice can be found around homes, buildings that have poor hygiene standards, garage, kitchen areas, where they have places to hide and food sources.


Pest Management Bed Bug Inspections Sydney

Bed Bugs are small insects that feed on human blood by piercing the skin.
Pest Management Sydney - ABC Pest control use the latest technology, including Bed Bug Sniffer Dog to find those unwanted bed bugs.  Our pest management of Beds Bugs is suitable for homes, commercial and hotels, contact us today to see how our bed bug pest managment is second to none. 





Bees - Pest Management Sydney

Bees are insects which are regarded as the most beneficial species because of their ability to pollinate plants, produce honey and bee's wax. The bee is considered a pest when it starts to build nests in the wrong place! The bees can establish nests in vents, attics, crawlspaces or hollow walls.

Our experts at ABC Pest Control - Pest Management Sydney can will help you remove any bee swarms and nests safely and quickly.


Cockroaches - Pest Management Sydney

The German cockroach is the most common house infesting cockroach and the number one pest in Sydney, with the word coming from the Spanish word "cucaracha" which means "crazy bug".

Cockroaches will eat almost anything: left-over human food, paper, wood, leather, cigarette butts, tooth paste.

Protect your household from these pests by giving us a call the experts in pest management today! ABC Pest Control - The pest management company that thousands of Sydney homes have used to remove those unwanted cockroaches.


Pest Management -Silverfish Inspections Sydney

Silverfish are generally considered a household pest. These shy insects cause damage by eating up materials that contain carbohydrates. This may include: eating foods such as cereals and sugar; book bindings, wallpaper, clothes as it contains starch. This problem can be easily eliminated by contacting the pest control experts at ABC Pest Control - Pest Management Sydney!

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General Pest Control Packages
Pests Include:
  • Large Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Carpet Beetles
  • Silverfish
  • Paper Wasps
  • Bull Ants


Deluxe Pest Control Packages


  • German Cockroaches
  • Rodents
  • Spiders
  • Carpet Beetles
  • Silverfish
  • Paper Wasps
  • Bull Ants
ABC Pest Control - Pest Management services include :
    Termite Control
    Mice Control
    Pest Control
    Pest Inspections
    Cock Roach Control
    Bee Control
    Ant Control
    Spider Control
    Rat Control
    Silverfish Control
    Bed Bug Control

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